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ADA Compliant signs are required by law in buildings where the general public has access to like Hospitals, Hotels and more.
Did you know?
In order to meet the Yonkers and Mount Vernon requirements set by the City, you must have a permit for most signs?
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Our high quality printing process makes it possible to create compelling and interesting digital prints for application on Trucks, Vans, Car Wraps and many other uses like Signs, Banners and Posters.

Endless Possibilities.

We have the capability to print your high resolution graphics on a variety of substrates.

For solid single or multi colored flat designs we recommend using the vinyl material that we have available, but if you have photographic quality images that you need printed on your ads, billboard, truck and more, using our digital method is definately the way to go.

The digital method allows us to take designs as far as you can imagine. Almost anything is possible.

Take a look at the example below.

Before Graphics
Plain Truck.

Full color photographic Pepsi Graphic.


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Digital printing can be used on:

  • Indoor or Outdoor use.
  • Storefronts.
  • Metal signs.
  • Plastic.
  • Banners.
  • Windows.
  • Trucks and Fleet graphics.

High Resolution Digital Posters.

Please submit Illustrator CS2 compatible vector or high resolution Photoshop 6.0 compatible bitmap artwork for best results. If you need assistance please contact the art department.