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ADA Compliant signs are required by law in buildings where the general public has access to like Hospitals, Hotels and more.
Did you know?
In order to meet the Yonkers and Mount Vernon requirements set by the City, you must have a permit for most signs?
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ADA ( Americans with Disabilities Act)

The Department of Justice created the Americans with Disabilities Act "which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability by public accommodations and requires places of public accommodation and commercial facilities to be designed, constructed, and altered in compliance with the accessibility standards"

These standards include not only providing physical accessablility, but Hotels, Office Buildings and placse where the public has access to need to have the proper Signage with braille and high contrast graphics for the visually impaired.

For more information, visit the official ADA website at

We have the capabilities in place to complete ADA compliant signs for you. Vist our ADA Page for more information or:

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The United States Department of Labor heads the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and provides clear color coded standards for the prevention of accidents and injury in the workplace, the safety of anyone visiting work sites and the clear communication of policies through standardized signage posted in the workplace. You can visit The Department of Labor website for a detailed explanation of the standards.


The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) is a private standards creating entity that has also created signage for the sam purpose as listed above. for mor information visit

We can assist you in printing whichever standards you decide to purchase and implement.

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Westchester Housing and Buildings Code Enforcement.

Most, if not all of the signs posted for businesses in Westchester county need to have permits associated with them. A good rule of thumb is "when in doubt, call and ask"

You can contact the building department by calling 914-377-6500 or visit for more information.

If you have more questions regarding sign permits, awnings etc. you may contact and he will assist you in moving your project forward.